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Karmann Ghia T34 typ 3 , razor edge 1961-1969
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NOS New genuine orginal spare parts NOS
floor board, frame
HOT Special Offers
+moldings chrome mirror script
+seats, dashboards, panels
+seal weather strip
body, repairpanels
manual , sticker, pins, repairmanuals
hoods , cable for rear and front hood
glas windshield, door window glas, pop out window glas
door seals.
 gear box , automatic
 carburator, repair sets and seals
 gear box, 4 speed
 exhaust, fixation kit
 petrol pump
 wheels, hub caps
 rear axle, IRS and automatic
 , rear axle, swing axle
 engine parts and gasket
 engine mounts, gear box mounts
 accelerator clutch and brake pedals
  fuel system, petrol tank, parts
 front axle
 heating , installation kit
door and equipment
+headllight , rear light , flasher, foglight,
our own reproductions
technicsengine parts and gasket
oil pressure switch,

Product no.:021919081A
price:6,00 €

available from stock
rocker cover clip 1200 ( 34 PS) -> 1600ccm . genuine

Product no.:101487
price:7,00 €

available from stock
seal for push rod 1,2-1,6 l , 1959 - >

Product no.:109345A
price:1,03 €

available from stock
genuine engine seal kit 1300ccm 1300 ccm 1500ccm 1600ccm 40 PS -> 50 PS Made in Germany

Product no.:111198007A
price:35,00 €

available from stock
seal distributor genuine Bosch all years

Product no.:111905261
price:1,00 €

available from stock
rocker cover 1200 ( 34 PS) -> 1300 ccm 1500 ccm and 1600ccm . genuine

Product no.:113101475B
price:19,00 €

available from stock
flywheel oil seal, 34 PS , 40 PS , 44 PS , 50PS , 55 PS

Product no.:113105245
price:6,00 €

available from stock
camshaft 1960 - 1971 1200ccm 1300ccm 1500ccm and 1600 ccm size +3 , new NOS genuine

Product no.:113109027D
price:150,00 €

available from stock
oil seal set, best quality

Product no.:113198031
price:2,50 €

available from stock
cap oil breather Large

Product no.:115485311
price:8,00 €

available from stock
2 seals for oilcooler with repair manual ,

Product no.:117151021A
price:5,00 €

available from stock
piston ring kit , for 4 pistons ! 1600ccm Std. 85,5 x 2 x 2 x 4 mm

Product no.:198169A
price:48,00 €

available from stock
set of screws and washers f. engine tins

Product no.:198951111
price:12,00 €

available from stock
cylinderhead 1500ccm engine single port , with valves and spring

Product no.:311101353 A
price:298,00 €

available from stock
oil filler, tube genuine !

Product no.:311115329B
price:18,00 €

available from stock
rubber valve for crankcase drain

Product no.:311115541
price:4,00 €

available from stock
Heat deflector plates left and right hand side NEW NOS 34 PS -- 55 PS

Product no.:311119317
price:12,00 €

available from stock
airboot intake. new genuine NOS

Product no.:311119665A
price:39,00 €

available from stock
gasket carburetor flange to manifold, original VW NOS

Product no.:311129799
price:1,00 €

available from stock
gasket set for Solex 32PHN, Made in Germany. NOS old stock !

Product no.:311198571
Unit:Repair set
price:25,00 €

available from stock
CONNECTION HOSE connects fan shroud to elbow, Connects the Heating Ducts from the Fanshroud to a metal tube before the heat exchangers.all type 3's 61-73

Product no.:311255353B
Unit:1 piece
price:19,00 €

available from stock
8nuts for valve adjusting, genuine Made in Germany

Product no.:N0111521
price:16,00 €

available from stock
screws for oil seal kit, chrome

Product no.:Nhutmtt
price:2,00 €

available from stock
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