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1500 1600 type 3
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weatherstrip and seals
+seats, dashboards, panels
+body, repairpanels
+mechanical parts
 exhaust, fixation kit
 petrol pump
 wheels, hub caps
 +gear box
 rear axle, IRS and automatic
 , rear axle, swing axle
 engine and engine gasket
 engine mounts
 pedal parts
  fuel system, petrol tank, parts
 tank flap,fuel system,
 carburator, repair sets and selas
 front axle
 heater, installation kit
 engien parts and cylinderhead
mechanical partsengien parts and cylinderhead
rocker cover clip 1200 ( 34 PS) -> 1600ccm . genuine

Product no.:101487
price:7,00 €

available from stock
push rod, 1300ccm ->1600 ccm , 40 PS 44 PS and 50 PS

Product no.:109301311A
price:12,00 €

available from stock
push rod tube, 1300ccm ->1600 ccm , 40 PS 44 PS and 50 PS

Product no.:109335311
price:5,00 €

available from stock
valvet inlet, 33,1 mm 40 PS - 50 PS 1300 ccm 1500 ccm 1600 ccm

Product no.:109601113D
price:12,00 €

available from stock
rocker cover 1200 ( 34 PS) -> 1300 ccm 1500 ccm and 1600ccm . genuine

Product no.:113101475B
price:19,00 €

available from stock
set of screws and washers f. engine tins

Product no.:198951111
price:12,00 €

available from stock
airboot intake. new genuine NOS

Product no.:311119665A
price:39,00 €

available from stock
4 cylinder and pistons and rings 1600 ccm Mahle

Product no.:311198069
price:250,00 €

available from stock
8nuts for valve adjusting, genuine Made in Germany

Product no.:N0111521
price:16,00 €

available from stock
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