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1500 1600 type 3
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weatherstrip and seals
 more parts
 switch for flasher/turn signal
 generator, carbon brush,voltage reulators
 switch light
 rear lights and switches
 rear light big
 windshield wiper, wiper plate,wiper arm
 headlight, spare parts
 speedometer, cable for speedometer and more
 ignition switch
+seats, dashboards, panels
+body, repairpanels
+mechanical parts
electricalwindshield wiper, wiper plate,wiper arm
new NOS genuine VW Wiper-shaft cover,1960- 1969WIPER SHAFT CAP, shields tip of wiper shaft from moisture,

Product no.:113955275B
price:10,00 €

available from stock
screw for wiper shaft genuine 1962-- 1974

Product no.:311955243A
Unit:1 pair / 2 pieces
price:4,00 €

available from stock
1 pair seals for wiper shaft , orignal genuine VW NOS

Product no.:311955261
price:5,00 €

available from stock
washer tank, genuine Helphos , VW used mint condition

Product no.:311955453AU2
price:90,00 €

available from stock
Helphos washer tank, genuine Helphos , VW new old stock mint condition

Product no.:311955453AU4
price:100,00 €

available from stock
washer tank, genuine Helphos , VW NOS NEW

Product no.:311955453EAU3
price:145,00 €

available from stock
wiper washer switch dashbord chassis# VIN # 423 140 - 346 500 000 NEW genuine NOS

Product no.:311955517
price:98,00 €

available from stock
wiper washer switch new NOS ( small damage in transit/ ware house) chassis# VIN # 423 140 - 346 500 000 NEW genuine NOS

Product no.:311955517U
price:25,00 €

available from stock
valve and tube for wiper bottle , new

Product no.:311955979
price:55,00 €

available from stock
wiper water valve in wiperswitch, year August 1971- now

Product no.:953553R
price:15,00 €

available from stock
wiper blade, 8/1970 - - >1972 original producer, NOS ! Color : silver.

Product no.:955425311A
price:80,00 €

available from stock
screw year1968 -- > 7/ 1972

Product no.:955435HU
price:6,00 €

available from stock
cap plastic black ( cover´s nut) , genuine !! year 8/1972- >

Product no.:955435k
price:3,50 €

available from stock
wiper washer switch dashbord 8/1967 - 7/1971

Product no.:955517A
price:58,00 €

available from stock
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