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T2 Split 1952 - 1967
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new products
NOS new old stock , genuine VW spare parts
Special Offers
sticke, pins, repairmanuals
+Electrical parts, headlights, turn signals, ignition
 other electrical parts
 Fuel gauge, fuel gauge sender
 Indicators, Winker
 Wiring harness, battery, ground strap
 generator, carbon brush,voltage reulators
 switch light
 rear lights and switches
 rear light
 windshield wiper, wiper plate,wiper arm
 headlight, spare parts
 speedometer, cable for speedometer and more
 Clock fuel gauge, and other small items
 ignition switch
 Ignition, distributor cap, distributor rotor, spark plugs ,interrupter,
+seats, dashboards, panels
+body repairpanels
+technical and mechanical spare parts
Electrical parts, headlights, turn signals, ignitionrear lights and switches
switch for rear light

Product no.:211941521
price:13,00 €

available from stock
red fog light genuine Hella NOS

Product no.:211941701
price:38,00 €

available from stock
switch for brakelight fixed at the mastercylinder, 3 pins ,

Product no.:945515GR
price:10,00 €

available from stock
switch for brakelight fixed at the mastercylinder, 2 pins ,

Product no.:945515HR
price:10,00 €

available from stock
reversing lamp genuine Hella , crome accessory , universal , you can use it for indicator or fog light too !

Product no.:rue1
price:98,00 €

available from stock
genuine NOS HELLA lense for reversing lamp ,REAL glas, clear

Product no.:RUE2clear
price:28,00 €

available from stock
lamp , glas, yellow for fog lamp

Product no.:RUE2y
price:16,00 €

available from stock
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