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Karmann Ghia T34 typ 3 , razor edge 1961-1969
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HOT Special Offers
our own reproductions
floor board, frame
NOS New genuine orginal spare parts NOS
+moldings chrome mirror script
+seats, dashboards, panels
+seal weather strip
body, repairpanels
manual , sticker, pins, repairmanuals
hoods , cable for rear and front hood
glas windshield, door window glas, pop out window glas
door seals.
 gear box , automatic
 gear box, 4 speed
 carburator, repair sets and seals
 exhaust, fixation kit
 petrol pump
 Brakes, cylinder, brake shoes,drums and
 brake, brakedisc, brake tubes,mounting kits
 drumbrakes front
 disk brake front
 rear brake drums
 Mastercylinder brake lines
 wheels, hub caps
 rear axle, IRS and automatic
 , rear axle, swing axle
 engine parts and gasket
 engine mounts, gear box mounts
 accelerator clutch and brake pedals
  fuel system, petrol tank, parts
 front axle
 heating , installation kit
+headllight , rear light , flasher, foglight,
technicsbrakebrake, brakedisc, brake tubes,mounting kits
rubber plug for backing plate , brake drum for brake shoe adjusting

Product no.:113609163
price:1,00 €

available from stock
handbrake used , for all years in stock

Product no.:113711305
price:45,00 €

available from stock

Product no.:311615291
price:4,00 €

not available
hand brake cover, BLACK hand brake lever boot , genuine VW ! Made in Germany

Product no.:311711461
price:28,00 €

available from stock
clip for hand brake cable , genuine mande in GErmany

Product no.:609619
price:1,50 €

available from stock
hand brake cable , new reproduction 1961 -1964

Product no.:609721311AR
price:55,00 €

available from stock
cap for brake fluid reservoir

Product no.:611349111
price:5,50 €

available from stock
2 brake hoses, front , for all modells and years available

Product no.:611701311B
price:30,00 €

available from stock
grommet for brake pipes, genuine

Product no.:611751
price:3,00 €

available from stock
pair brake hose, rear, IRS rear axle ( 1968 - 1974 ) or cars with automatic gear box

Product no.:611775311
price:40,00 €

available from stock
2 brake hose, rear with swing axle , for all years available with

Product no.:611775P
price:30,00 €

available from stock
fixation kit , genuine

Product no.:615291293
Unit:fixation kit
price:price on application

not available
disc pad set , for ATE , fixation with 2 pin,

Product no.:698151311A
Unit:set of 4
price:39,00 €

available from stock
2 calibers, genuine producer with 4 disc pad and 2 disc pad fitting kit

Product no.:698461113
price:210,00 €

available from stock
type 3 / type 34 genuine ! repairset ATE calliper cylinder size 42 mm ( per one caliper ) year 1966 - 1971

Product no.:698471311
Unit:Repair set
price:36,00 €

available from stock
brake pipe set, all years available

Product no.:698770168311
price:price on application

available from stock
brake pad fitting kit, ATE square 1 pin fixation

Product no.:698911113
price:15,00 €

available from stock
brake pad fitting kit, square 2 pins, original !

Product no.:698911113A
price:15,00 €

available from stock
brake pad fitting kit, Girling 1 pin, for 1 car left and right side

Product no.:698911113B
price:15,00 €

available from stock
6 screws( set for 1 car ) bolt for fixation disc back plate

Product no.:N01M7x10
Unit:set of 6
price:6,00 €

not available
brake fluide hose,color : BLUE , gnuine , inside 6 mm , 2 curcuit brake system blue

Product no.:N0203501
price:12,00 €

available from stock
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