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Karmann Ghia T34 typ 3 , razor edge 1961-1969
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our own reproductions
- HOT Special Offers
floor board, frame
+moldings chrome mirror script
+seats, dashboards, panels
+seal weather strip
 weather strip seal for front head , rear hood and fixation kits
 pop out rear quarter , seal
 seal windshield, rear window
 seal for headlight, rear light flasher
 door seals
 seal door window seals
+body, repairpanels
sticke, pins, repairmanuals
windshield, door windows,
door seals.
NOS New genuine orginal spare parts NOS
+headllight , rear light , flasher, foglight,
seal weather stripseal windshield, rear window
seal for Karmann Ghia Type 3 , rear window seal with trim insert groove . 1961 - 1969 rubber in prime quality and BLOCKED corners !!

Product no.:343845521AR
price:148,00 €

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Chrome trim for rear window ,windshield, year 1961 -1969 prime quality

Product no.:3438530355356357358AB
Unit:set of 4 pieces
price:298,00 €

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Chrome trim for front window ,windshield, year 1961 -1969 prime quality

Product no.:34385305306307308AB
Unit:set of 4 pieces
price:310,00 €

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1 piece, alu sleeve , corner , connection piece 1961 - 1969 for chrom trim around windshield front and rear .

Product no.:343853309A
Unit:1 piece
price:35,00 €

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1 USED chrome trim for rear window , leftside lower

Product no.:343853357B
Unit:1 piece
price:39,00 €

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Karmann Ghia type 3 , seal for the windshield, with trim insert groove, prime quality ! and blocked corners !

Product no.:845101CR
price:148,00 €

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1 piece, connection piece prime quality ! for chrom trim T around windshield front and rear . please do NOT compare it with the regular reproduction trash

Product no.:ZT2T
price:19,00 €

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